Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the referral system?
Last Updated a year ago

The main reason we replaced the old LAW Referral Service was the need to meet changes in server support software. We had planned to upgrade the LAW Referral website in June 2018 but with at least two major server upgrades forced upon us, we decided to bring the upgrades forward as a matter of urgency. Had we not done so, the old site would ultimately have ground to a halt.

Secondly, there were several things about the way the old system worked that we needed to change both to speed up response times, and to simplify the referral ticket process. We listened to both users and partners on this and included as many of their ideas as we could in the new system.

The LAW Referral Service will continue to see upgrades in 2018 and eventually a major facelift, although this will not affect the way it operates.

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